Michael Flanell
Michael Flanell RDH, MBA

As the Cleaning Tooth Fairy it is my intention to wake you up with exciting news, information, CEU opportunities and more that will broaden the scope of care that we offer to our patients, keep our careers innovated and making a difference.

Hygienists today have many more treatment options to offer patients than in years past. Some of the most exciting medical advances and research will allow dental hygienists to expand their scope of practice in the clinical setting, as well as open new doors of opportunity. In the past, sleep and breathing was often ignored by dental practitioner and surrounded by mystery. Now, though, we are beginning to understand the importance of sleep and breathing to overall health and well-being. Itís important to note that dental hygienists can save lives, too!  A hygienist is the person who spends the most time with patients once they enter the dental office. From routine dental cleanings to educational information, a hygienist plays a crucial role in the interacting with the patient. As such, they may be the first to recognize a patient might be suffering from an airway disorder. As the first-person a patient meet, hygienists can offer recommendations based on a patientís individual needs, which might include advice on sleep and airway health.

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